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5 Tree

X-DRAGON 14W SunPower Solar Panel Water Resistant with Solar IQ Technology & Dual USB Port


In August 2016 I had to rather abruptly move to new land.

While my ultimate goal is to be off grid, I'm not there yet so to show up in middle of an open field in a wood box with no car, fencing, refridgeration or a/c in 105 degree Missour weather was a challenge.

What I did manage was a ride into town for wifi and a charge, allowing me to codge together a tiny bit of extra funds and purchase the product I'm reviewing today.

X-DRAGON 14W SunPower Solar Panel Water Resistant with SolarIQ Technology& Dual USB Port

This compact solar charger is light and small making it easy to pack for use with cell phones, tablets or other small rechargables. I was able to easily charge both my phone and my small backup charger on a sunny day even while using the phone constnatly throughout (it was my only source of communication).

Even on grey days it allowed some charging, though not ideal, usually enough to use the device.

It has a mesh pouch that allows cords and devices to be held securely. Loops to allow it to be clipped to a backpack, tree branch or some other stable able object to be faced at the sun.  

It does get fairly warm so ideally finding a way to keep devices shaded while charging is good (overheating slows the charge)

I used mine daily for 2 months and several times randomly since. This is a great tool for those camping on land, travelling or for a bug out bag.

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