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Milescraft Inc. 1314 Drill Pump 750


  • Light
  • Durable
  • Can be powered by any drill
  • SUPER affordable!
  • Cons

  • Will burn thru a standard cordless battery pretty quickly
  • Review

    I have a shared well for my property and until I build my permanent living area I a haven't had a desire to trench water out to my living structure.

    So I have a barrel & IBC set up currently and needed a compact, fast non electric pump for water transfer.

    Enter my Milsap Drill Pump

    Priced at $12.99 via Amazon Prime this little pump is powered by inserting it's spin shaft into the bit area of a power drill and using the drill to run the pump.

    It can empty a 55 gallon barrel with drill at full power/speed in about 5-10 mins.  I haven't had any issues with priming using about 14 feet of hose (a 4 foot connector from barrel to pump and 10 foot from pump to IBC)

    It's main drawback is that it will use my Ryobi 18v+ standard battery up after one barrel, so unless you have extra batteries an extended battery you may need to schedule your fills differently.

    Since I'm not completely off grid yet I just picked up a cheap Walmart corded drill specifically for this purpose (and who doesn't need another drill?!) and use that.

    Manufacturer says that this isn't cleared for water transfer as there are trace oils in the bearings but I have had no issues as I filter my water before drinking anyway (my food grade barrels had coffee syrup in them and no amount of rinsing gets rid of the scent and slight flavor)

    I will be using this regularly for watering the garden as well as filling outbuilding IBCs as I add them so I remain VERY pleased overall with this item!

    From Amazon:

    • Works with most electrical drills with a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM
    • Hose connection is 3/4" and uses any standard garden hose
    • Pumps up to 750 gallons per hour and is self-priming up to 12 feet
    • The 3/8" shank on this unit fits all common chucks for most drills

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