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Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide


  • Focuses on 33 common herbs and spices.
  • Book is arranged in a logical manner, with herbs and spices listed alphabetically.
  • Index lists symptoms or conditions for ease of location within the book.
  • Uses color photographs throughout, aiding in proper identification of herbs and spices.
  • Review

    I love the simplicity of this book!  I love that it is written for the person learning about medicinal herbs, not a botanist or herbalist.  The arrangement of the book is great, and the photographs are beautiful.  The index makes it easy to find the information you need.  The book is just full of recipes for us to use.

    The content isn't overwhelming.  She starts with an introduction to medicinal herbs, provides a chapter on how to make various types of herbal remedies, introduces us to growing and using familiar herbs and spices, and then teaches us how to know, grow and use safe and effective herbs.  She also adds a list of resources to use if you can't find what you need locally.

    She gives us ideas on starting herb gardens, as well as teaching about harvesting various parts of the plants and how to dry and freeze herbs.

    This is a great book for the person beginning to learn and grow medicinal herbs.  I highly recommend it!

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