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4 Tree

Man vs


  • The movie captures your attention from beginning to end.
  • It keeps you wondering what is going on.
  • Cons

  • Cover art for the movie is misleading. No mummies in this movie!
  • Mediocre acting at times.
  • Lots of horror segments.
  • Review

    First, disregard the cover art for this movie.  There is no “mummy” creature or such scene.  The art undermines the move. 

    This was a surprisingly good movie!  After scanning the description, I thought to myself I can sit through another survival show where somebody hikes until bad weather sets in, then he’ll build a quick shelter, try to start a fire and deal with nature.  Was I ever mistaken!  It’s way more than a hike, it’s real life survival, in more ways than one! 

    The movie centers around a TV survival host, Doug Woods (Chris Diamontopoulos), who has a series that looks as if it’s in trouble.  It’s decided that Doug will survive in the Canadian wilderness, with bare minimums, for a week.  He is very confident that he has all the skills necessary to survive.

    Everything goes as planned until the first night when there is a loud boom.  The next morning, he finds a huge wound, which was not there the previous day, in the woods leading to the lake.  The lake is full of dead fish, and Doug realizes that he is not the only one out there.

    There are plenty of horror parts as the story moves along, and move along it does. There is not much in the way of filling, as every scene adds something to the movie. You have character development, enough to care about the people, but not so much that it is uninteresting. All the people are nice, though the guide, who is less established, is a bit unusual. Yes, the guide is set up as a red herring early in the film, but anyone can tell the incidents in the film are not of his doing.

    The quality and editing of the movie are better than expected for a low budget film. The acting, at times mediocre, is much better than your usual studio production. The movie shapes up to the action and climax with interesting scenes of survival and roughing it in the wilderness.

    What was ultimately exposed to be going on was a total astonishment to me, I did not guess it at all, and I'm still trying to grip that ending. This one is well worth your time if you're looking for something different and unexpected.

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