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5 Tree

Hearthstone Manchester Wood Stove


  • Long burn time and heat retention.
  • Left or right side wood load.
  • Choice of Matt black finish, Green or Red enamel porcelain.
  • Modern Grate and Ash pan system
  • Cons

  • The weight, 550 lbs
  • Cost is a bit high, so shop around.
  • Review

    After searching for several months and checking out many makes of wood burning stoves, I chose the Hearthstone Manchester wood burning stove.  My reasons were, it's style, and it's fire box size, at 2.9 cubic ft, also it's max BTU's at 78,000 . You can also get left or right side feed, which I love that option. Also when I feed it before I go to bed, five 16-18 inch pieces of hardwood at about 11pm, by 8am in the morning it still has a full bed of coals. With a temperature close to three hundred degree. Also you have the choice of top or back venting.  One last thing it's a Hybrid, cast iron and porcline, with Soapstone instead of fire brick, so it heats relatively fast and has long burning and heat retention..   One thing to keep in mind it is a heavy stove at 550 lbs so you'll need a couple of friends to help install..

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