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4 Tree

Blood Money


  • Kept our interest throughout.
  • Cons

  • Some of the film is shot in dark areas, and you can't really see what is going on.
  • While the acting isn't great, it's good enough that we enjoyed this movie!
  • Review

    Top college runner Lynn (Willa Fitzgerald) nicknamed "Cheetah" and friends Vic (Ellar Coltrane) and Jeff (Jacob Artist), get together for their first summer camping/rafting trip following high school.  Things have changed since last year, and not just because only two of them are now in college.  Lynn, whose plans were counting on a track scholarship, has suffered a possibly devastating knee injury and is beginning to grasp that she may never fully mend.  She's also dating well-off Jeff, which is difficult because Vic, who's had to drop out of school completely, is both her ex and Jeff's longtime best friend, and Vic had no clue that his two pals have become a couple.

    Things really get hot when Lynn and Jeff stumble across a bunch of duffel bags stuffed with $100 bills, which embezzler Miller (John Cusack) has thrown in the woods from a small plane; all he needs to do is gather it and he'll be able to start a whole new life.  Of course, the circumstances quickly go south.  Lynn recommends they row downriver with the money and avoid the crowd of students partying at nearby Sunrise landing.  Jeff chooses to take them right through the party and manages to lose one of the bags.  What are the chances that they're going to get away without being seen now, particularly since Vic has encountered Miller in the woods, the first of numerous obstacles that quickly rid the three friends of their impressions about themselves and each other?

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