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5 Tree

A Cry In The Wild


  • Keeps your interest throughout.
  • Awesome family movie!
  • Cons

  • Contains a few curse words.
  • One scene where a naked Brian jumps into the lake, although no "private" areas shown, it was a back view.
  • Review

    I found this to be an excellent film because it’s very realistic and the storyline holds sound throughout. It’s the story of a boy trapped in all kinds of bad things beyond his control.  Accidentally discovering his mom is having an affair, he watches his dad pack up and leave, and the marriage end.  The movie begins with him flying to Canada to visit his father. 

    During the flight, the pilot dies of a heart attack and the plane crash lands in a large lake in a mountainous region, and sinks with all his belongings, except for a hatchet that his mother gave him before he left on his trip. The hatchet was attached to his belt, and it literally saves his life as he uses it to survive.

    You watch how he had to survive off the land and protect himself. Many people don't know what to do in a survival situation; how to use whatever resources you have around you (in ways you've never imagined), etc.  Even when he made mistakes, he learned from it, and eventually master the task. The film keeps your attention and you wonder what the boy is going to do for each problem he encounters.

    The end left you with a lot to think about too. Brian's reaction to the abundance of food suddenly laid out before him; comforts/luxuries; the look and smile he gave his mom; how well he handled mom's new boyfriend; and him taking his place at the head of the family table not as a hurt boy, but as a recovering young adult.

    It is a wonderful story of the strength in all of us. We are shown how, with the right attitude, anybody can accomplish incredible things. The story of an average kid, surviving under seemingly impossible odds, can be a great inspiration to kids.  It can be a good conversation starter with your kids, not only about the types of things they can do in an emergency to help themselves but also how their attitude and approach to any life situation directly affects its outcome.

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