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Swiss Family Robinson


  • A movie made for the entire family to enjoy together.
  • Cons

  • The youngest child, Francis, is rather irritating in his loudness and lack of respect for animals.
  • Review

    Made for the whole family in 1960, probably the last time that families went to the movies together. The movie was shot on the interesting island of Tobago (near St. Vincent) in the Caribbean.

    The movie offers a little something for everybody, daring children and decent parents, wild animals, pirates, and that Disney sense of wonder and magic.

    The Robinson family is comprised of the father (John Mills), the mother (Dorothy McGuire) and three boys, Fritz (James MacArthur), Ernst (Tommy Kirk) and Francis (Kevin Corcoran).  While on a boat that hits a rock in the ocean, they must leave the ship and go to an island.

    It’s a life-sustaining story spreading constructive human values, such as resourcefulness in times of crisis, allegiance, courage, integrity and even spiritual being.

    Serious and moral, there is enough action in it to generate excitement among young viewers.  The family is forced to face pirates and wild animals, ranging from hyenas and monkeys to tigers and elephants.

    The father builds a large tree-house and tells his wife “The world is full of nice ordinary little people, who live in nice ordinary little houses on the ground.  Didn’t you ever dream of a house in the trees?”  The mother, being more realistic and logical than the father, knows that this life can’t go on and answers “It’s wonderful for today, but what about tomorrow?”

    At the time, the movie was praised for the extreme cinematography (Harry Waxman) and inventive sets (John Howell).

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