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Beef Charts

  • Retail cuts of beef - Where they come from and how to cook them.

Beehives: What is happening inside/outside the hive in the different seasons?

  • This guide shows you what is happening inside and outside the hive during the different seasons.

Benefits of Rotational Grazing

  • Rotational grazing is a win/win for you, your livestock, and your pastures.

Beyond the Bees Knees

  • Learn what Colony Collapse Disorder means for the human food supply.

Blade Grinds

  • Use this graphic to learn about the different grinds on a knife, and how they affect the knife and its use.

Blood Pressure Chart

  • Learn to understand blood pressure using this graphic. See where you fall on the chart.


  • Borage is said to help achieve psychic abilities. Use this plant as a tea before meditating.

Bottle Cap Lures

  • Instructions on making a fishing lure from bottle or beer caps.

Bottle Sling Knot

  • The bottle sling knot is a knot which can be used to create a handle for a glass or ceramic container with a slippery narrow neck, if the neck widens slightly near the top.

Bow Shooting: Basic Stance and Grip Tactics

  • Use these step-by-step instructions to learn correct bow hunting technique and remember, practice makes perfect.

Breeds of Cattle

  • This graphic show you 28 breeds of cattle.

Breeds of Chickens

  • An Infographic showing the various breeds of chickens, their chicks and the eggs they lay.

Breeds of Pigs

  • An information sheet that identifies 12 breeds of pigs.

Build a Vertical Strawberry Planter

  • Plans, material list and instructions for building a vertical planter that can be used in any small space to plant strawberries.

Build Fertile Soil With Sheet Mulching

  • If you aren't sure what sheet mulching is, or how it can help your garden, you really need to take a look at this graphic!

Build the Benefits of Raised Beds

  • Raised beds offer a simple and effective way to create a healthy and productive garden.

Building the Roof for a Cabin or Shed

  • How to build the roof for a cabin, shed or other building, and how to attach it to the building.
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