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Bread Box Water Heater Plans

Brew It Yourself

Brew It Yourself

Nick Moyle and Richard Hood

Bucket Stove

Build A Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod

Build a Hand Pump

Build a Protective Fallout Shelter

Build Your Own 12 VDC Engine/Generator

Build Your Own Crossbows, Bows and Arrows, Explosive & FRAG-Grenade Arrows & Bolts

  • Diagrams and instructions for building your own bows, arrows and bolts.
  • Download arbalete

Build Your Own Home Metal Foundry

  • You can make your own shop tools, and probably earn a living, if you follow the plan outlined in this article, including instructions, diagrams and details of working with metal.
  • Download Build Your Own Home Metal Foundry

Building a Bat House

  • This document show you how to build a bat house, so you can attract bats to your homestead by providing them safe places to sleep.
  • Download stelprdb5292123

Building a Floating Hydroponic Garden

Building in the North

Building in the North

Eb Rice

  • This Alaskan author helped invent engineering in the North, and passes his knowledge to those who plan to build a homestead in the arctic north.
  • Download Building in the North

Building the Bamboo Fly Rod

Building Your Own Home For Dummies®

Building Your Own Home For Dummies®

Kevin Daum, Janice Brewster, and Peter Economy

Burn First Aid

Burpee American Gardening Series: Vegetables



Ron Edwards



Richard Graves

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