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Wall-Mounted Workbench

  • Build a wall-mounted workbench with tool rack and wall shelf for your garage or workshop.

Ward's Cheap Solar Power System

Warmwater Game Fish Identification Chart (US, Canada, Mexico)

  • This chart will help you learn to identify the fish you are catching or chasing.

Water Canning

  • A step by step guide to water canning.

Water in Permaculture

  • You must make absolutely certain that you have designed water storage so your plants can get water--either off site, somehow, or on the site--in the plant's establishment phases.
  • Download water in permaculture


  • From the Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
  • Download 12ch11

Water Purification

  • This document provides information on water purification for camping, hiking or emergency situations.
  • Download 12ch11

Western Rail Cedar Split Rail Fence

  • Instructions, with measurements, for building a Post and Rail "American Style" 2-Rail fence.

Westminster Cook-Book

What Is Plant Breeding?

  • Explains how to develop new plants with improved characteristics from your garden plants.

What Treats Can Horses Eat?

  • Many fruits and vegetables are safe for horses, but some are not. This list will give you an idea of which are fine, and which to avoid.

What Wood Would Work?

  • Find out what wood is the best for those projects you're going to do one day.

What You Need to Get Started Making Jewelry

  • A short video telling what you will need to get started making jewelry.

What's Watt in Wind?

  • A graphic that helps you understand wind turbine power and provides you the information to determine your own wind turbine power needs.

When to PIck: A Guide to Summer Fruits and Berries

  • It is important to harvest fruits at the proper stage of maturity to maintain their nutrients as well as quality and freshness. This guide will help!

Where There is no Dentist

  • The first part discusses teaching and learning preventive care. The second part talks about diagnosing and treating common dental problems. This second part is intended mainly for health workers who have helped organize people to meet their own needs.
  • Download Where-There-is-No-Dentist-Murray-Dickson

Where to Target Deer

  • Aim small miss small: Targeting locations for deer hunting

Which Glue Should I Use?

  • A matrix of materials and the glues that should be used.

Which Hive Is Right For Me

  • Answer a few questions to see which hive is best for you.

Which Inseects Benefit Your Garden

  • A chart of beneficial and detrimental bugs in the garden
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