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Table Saw Techniques

  • Journey Into Joinery... an info graphic on using your table saw to create joints in lumber

Table Saw Techniques

  • An introduction to the anatomy of your table saw and the cuts you might be making.

Tactical Weapons: Assembly/Disassembly

  • This book shows you step-by-step how to disassemble and reassemble your weapon.
  • Download 0896896927

Take Me Fishing: A Basic Guide for the Beginning Angler

  • Discusses several styles of fishing, types of rods, reels, knots, baits, lures, fresh and saltwater fish, and aquatic habitats. You’ll find tips to improve your skills and what you can use to have a fun, exciting, and successful fishing trip.
  • Download pwd bk k0700 0639d (1)

Tanning Goat Hides

  • Learning the art of tanning hides can be very rewarding, through acquisition of new skills and the attractive products resulting from the endeavor. Tanning at home is also less costly than purchasing a tanned hide.
  • Download Tanning Goat Hides

Tanning or Pickling Rabbit Hides Using Salt & Alum

  • Home tanning or pickling of rabbit hides using a salt and alum process start to finish.

Tanning Rabbit Hides

  • The method I use now produces a very soft hide with little work involved. It does require the use of a potentially dangerous chemical (acid) so **I don't recommend that kids use this method.**
  • Download Tanning Rabbit hides

Tarp Shelter

  • Learn to make 12 different tarp shelters with one tarp and some paracord.

Tarp Shelters You Can Easily Make

  • 66 Shelters you can make using a tarp and some rope, for any situation.

Tea Time: Turn Your Garden Into a Mini Tea Plantation

  • Don't limit your teas to herbs, here are some flowers and roots that make wonderful teas - and you can grow some in a windowsill.

Ten Tips for Happy Tent Camping

  • Everything you need to know to make your tent camping experience a success!

The "Jersey" of the Dairy Goats

  • Anglo-Nubian Goat. The "Jersey" of the Dairy Goats. Often overlooked in the milk world, the rich and delicious flavor of goat's milk is a welcome addition to any homestead.

The 15 Most Dangerous and Deadly Plants

  • Here is a list, with photos, of the world's most dangerous and deadly plants.

The 6 Simple Machines

The ABC's of Natural Remedies for Rabbits

  • Providing rabbits with a range of herbs and greens they can choose to eat or refuse gives them the chance to balance their diet according to their natural instincts. Do your research before offering a natural remedy to learn more about proper usage.

The Alphabet of Galen: Pharmacy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

  • The Alphabet of Galen is an English translation of a text describing, in alphabetical order, nearly three hundred natural products, including metals, aromatics, animal materials, and herbs, and their medicinal uses.
  • Download 080209550X
The Amish Canning Cookbook

The Amish Canning Cookbook

Georgia Varozza

  • This book includes how-to for both water bath and pressure canning and lots of recipes to can.
  • Download amish can cook

The Anatomy of a Mushroom

  • A quick overview of mushroom anatomy for budding mushroom growers and hobbyists. Get to know the parts of your mushroom to grow them better.

The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving

The Art of Happy Hens

  • How to keep chickens healthy and happy in an urban backyard.
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