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Lawn Tractor: Repair or Replace?

  • Your lawn tractor is broke. Can you DIY? Does it need to go to a repair shop? Does it need to be replace? Check this infographic.

Leaf Identification

  • A collection of poisonous and non poisonous leafs to identify trees

Learn How to Wax Cheese

  • Learn how to apply wax to your cheeses to preserve it while aging.
Learn to Knit

Learn to Knit

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Learn to Knit -Teacher's Guide

  • A FREE national standards-based life skills program filled with creative, hands-on lessons and worksheets.
  • Download WUA-PTG Bk web 6


Learn to Spin

Leathers and Jerkies

Less is More: The Tiny House Movement

  • Simply put, it is a movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in. Tiny houses encourage a less cluttered and simpler lifestyle and reduce ecological impacts for their residents.

Let's Talk About Wool

  • Everything you always wanted to know about wool, in a nutshell!

Let’s Cook! Class Curriculum

Little Bits Quilting Bee

Little Bits Quilting Bee

Kathreen Ricketson

Livestock and Animal Health

  • Learn what it takes to practice responsible livestock and animal care.

Living Off the Grid is Harder Than You Think

  • Nick and Esther discuss the trials they endured going from city dweller's life to off grid in the wilderness of Idaho.

Living Small: The Tiny House Movement

  • A graphic for those considering purchasing a tiny home, with some of the benefits and concerns.

Living with a House Rabbit: Bunny Basics

  • Many people are discovering the joys of sharing their homes with one or more companion rabbits. Rabbits are intelligent and playful, can be easily litter-trained, and make wonderful house pets.
  • Download rabbitcareguide

Loft Details for Building a Cabin or Shed

  • A graphic showing how to build the loft in a cabin or shed.
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