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I Will Survive: A guide to Survival and Pocket Knives

  • Consult this guide whether you are looking for a heavy-duty survival knife or and every day pocket knife.

Ice Vs Heat: What is better for your pain?

  • Ice and heat are easy, natural, affordable ways to relieve pain. Which is best for your particular pain? Learn here!

Identify Your Soil Type

  • A simple jar test will help you determine your soil type.

Identifying Common Bolts and Nuts

  • Use this graphic to identify common nuts and bolts that you need to repair equipment or do other projects on your homestead.

Identifying Tracks on Your Homestead

  • Use this graphic to identify tracks you find on your homestead out of the 63 examples provided.

Identifying Warm Water Game Fish

  • It is important to know what you are catching while fishing. Many warm water fish look similar, but here is the best way to tell them apart.

Identifying Wild Animal Tracks

  • Know what anmials have been around your homestead with these identifiers.

Idiot's Guide to Knitting

  • This book starts with the very basics, introducing new techniques a little bit at a time, and guide you with lots of photographs and stitch-by-stitch instructions.
  • Download knitting idiot 39 s guids

Important Tips for Emergency Preparedness

  • Use these tips to help you be better prepared for the next emergency.
Indian Medicinal Plants, An Illustrated Dictionary

Indian Medicinal Plants, An Illustrated Dictionary

C.P. Khare

Ingredients for Gluten-Free Crepes

  • This graphic shows the ingredients for making gluten-free crepes. Note that the measuring spoons/cups reflect the amount required.

Injurious Plants

Installing a French Drain

  • How to keep your roof drip line from wetting your basement and causing damage.
Instant Pot Slow Cooker Cookbook

Instant Pot Slow Cooker Cookbook

Elisabeth Wilson-McNeal

  • This cookbook is the perfect guide to preparing delicious meals on a busy schedule.
  • Download instantcook

Interim Public Health Guidance for the Use of Facemasks and Respirators in Non-Occupational Community Settings during an Influenza Pandemic

  • This document describes interim guidance for the use of facemasks and respirators in certain public settings during an influenza pandemic.
  • Download Medical - Face Masks

Interior French Drain

  • A French drain is a common solution for waterproofing a basement. This guide shows you how one is installed.

Intro to Beekeeping

  • Are you ready to start your journey as a beekeeper? This is your one stop shop to get you started with some of the basics.

Introduction to Forest Farming

Introduction to Organic Gardening

  • Learn about feeding the soil with organic matter and using natural cycles and insects for disease and pest control.
  • Download Organic Gardening

Introduction to Vegetable Fermentation

  • A 45 minute video on Vegetable Fermentation.
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