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Cabin Front Wall and Porch Plans

  • Simple plans to build a front wall and porch on a cabin, shed, barn or existing structure.

Cable Rating Table

  • Use this graphic to determine the typical amperage of your wire, if it is sufficient to carry your load, and the recommended circuit breaker amperage rating.
Cacti:  Biology and Uses

Cacti: Biology and Uses

Park Nobel

  • Cultivated worldwide for fruits, forage, fodder, and as a vegetable; they have much to teach us about biodiversity and conservation.
  • Download Cacti Biology and Uses
California Mexican Spanish Cook Book

California Mexican Spanish Cook Book

Bertha Haffner-Ginger

Can I Remove This Wall?

  • Ever want to remove a wall but weren't sure you could? This graphic will help you determine if it's load bearing, or what might be behind the sheet rock.
Candle Making

Candle Making

Margaret Bass


  • Basic instructions to learn canning your own food.
Canning Foods

Canning Foods

Reba K Hendren

  • Certain procedures are essential for a given food to make it safe, as well as retain its color, flavor, texture and nutrients.
  • Download GuidetoCanning

Canning Garden Plant-A-Gram, Raised Bed Gardening

Canning Meat, Poultry & Game

Canning Meat, Poultry & Game

Lizann Powers-Hammond and Karen Killinger

  • This guide walks you through the essential steps to ensure tasty yet safe results.
  • Download PNW361

Canoeing and Kayaking (The Complete Idiot's Guide)

Canoeing and Kayaking for People with Disabilities, 1st Edition

Canoeing and Kayaking for People with Disabilities, 1st Edition

Janet Zeller

Care for Your Rabbits

Care for Your Rabbits


Caring for Rabbits on the Homestead

  • This graphic will teach you the basics of caring for rabbits on your homestead.
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