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OGWL Resource Library - A collection of files, infographics, videos and podcasts

OGWL Resource Library

When our ancestors did this off grid life literacy was rare and you were raised in the skills you would need to live in the wild or on a homestead.

As we struggle to reconnect with that history, we come with the advantages of technology and a wealth of knowledge. Our OGWL Resource files cover a huge number of topics and you can read them right on the page.

Maybe you don't have net at home on the homestead or up in the camp but here at the OGWL Resource section we have made our files available to be downloaded so with a thumb drive and some time you can take this knowledge home to peruse at your leisure.

You will find a download button below each preview of the document.  You will also find topic tags which can lead to other related articles.

Files (898)

InfoGraphics (551)

Videos (103)

Websites (76)